49° Grenzüberschreitungen Festival


Am 6.12. wird es in der Schokofabrik mit Sicherheit heißer als 49 Grad: Batida (Portugal), Simp&Soia (Wien) und Clerk und Nasher (Bayreuth) präsentieren euch Sounds internationaler, elektronischer Clubmusik über HipHop und NuSoul mit traditionellen afrikanischen Einflüssen bis hin zu feinstem Rap.

Für die Performance von Simp&Soia übernimmt nita den visuellen Part.

Weitere Infos zu allen Artists findet ihr auf unserer Festivalseite:


Batida DJ Set


Batida_240Batida combines samples from old 1970s Angolan tracks with modern electronic dance music. Music is the starting point but through dance, poetry, graphics, photography, radio and video, Batida expands, taking in politics and social commentary but always bringing it back to the party.
What originally started out as a radio show designed to promote new African music has slowly evolved into a collaborative project crossing continents, a full on live show with dancers, live samples, MCs & visuals.




visuals by nita

In the spring of 2013 Dusty Crates members Simp & Shawn The Savage Kid (STSK) have put themselves together and started to
work on a new release. And here it is, „Tafsiri“. The title “Tafsiri” meaning interpretation and/or translation in swahili and gives quite a hint on what Dusty Crates planned to do. The idea is quite simple: take dusty samples from African countries like Ethiopia, Senegal or Namibia, isolate the musical magic and mix it into a hybrid fusion of modern future beats and sloppy rhythms. The outcome is a seven track EP full of diverse sounds and melodies – a mixture of both experimental and conceptual “Post Genre” which tries to preserve the genius of all African musicians sampled on this EP.



Clerk und Nasher

He started producing back in 1998 with a old school Ensoniq hardware sampler, then it went on from there. His roots are all kinds of Metal Music, golden era HipHop and Techno/House in the nineties. His passion for HipHop went to the fact that he found a Crew with a handful of fanatics called STK in 2003 and is still active in the local HipHop scene (check 8888ep by Desto&Nasher and Clerk). Meanwhile he found his home on Shadowdub with the deeper and darker end of Dubstep and his signature sound.


Er ist der Mann an den Decks bei Desto&Nasher und hat sich in Bayreuth seinen festen Platz in der Szene erspielt. Clerks und Nashers Wege kreuzten sich schon ein paar Jahre zuvor (check Jalousien – Hell Gezeichnet https://soundcloud.com/destoundnasher/desto-nasher-hell-gezeichnet). Zuletzt produzierten sie mit Rapper Desto die 8888EP, die bereits zur Veröffentlichung auf Vinyl vergriffen war.



Tickets gibt’s an der Abendkasse oder können per Mail unter 49grad.iwalewahaus@web.de reserviert werden.

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